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LED bulb
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In this post you’ll find five reasons to use the LED bulb now Do you agree that the earlier in life one starts a compound interest savings plan the better? I’d say most people would—more time equals more earnings. Swapping … Read More

San Anselmo Electrician
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Being a San Anselmo Electrician means providing local availability in San Anselmo and the surrounding areas. A San Anselmo Electrician has access to, understanding of, and experience with the local building departments and electrical codes. A great San Anselmo Electrician … Read More

Installing New Heat Registers — Tips & Tricks
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It is common to run into trouble when replacing old heat registers. It can be difficult to relate your measurements to the labels on packaging in stores. If you’re having a hard time replacing heat registers in your home, you’ve … Read More

5 Ways to Automate Lighting in Your Home or Business
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If there was one single thing that has affected the way we interact with electricity in our homes and businesses more than anything else, that thing would be automation. This post will help you benefit from new technology by outlining 5 … Read More

Screw It – DIY switch plate screw upgrade
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An easy DIY with daily enjoyable benefits! Make your home look better by replacing your worn out switch plate cover screw or screws!   It can happen every day and usually does—you walk past your well-used light switch and while flipping … Read More

Putty Knife or Pry Bar?
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Putty knife or multi-tool? If any of you frequent places that sell tools, you’ll certainly have seen something called a “multi-tool.” I suppose they have their place in some people’s tool collections, however, a far older, and much simpler device … Read More